Wilmslow physiotherapy practice extends support to disabled children.

From March 2013 onwards, children with a range of physical impairments will be able to access a brand new physiotherapy service at Water Lane Clinic in Wilmslow. The service will provide all the essential advice and support for families with children who have long term conditions, offering additional opportunities to learn and practise skills, as well as complete therapy programmes. 

The established private clinic is already renowned for its treatment of conditions such as back, muscular and sports injuries. Overseeing this new service is Helen Hallam (Specialist Physiotherapist), who as well as having experience of working with children and families in a variety of settings (homes, schools and clinics), regularly volunteers as a disability sport profiler, assessing disabled children and adults to participate in sport to ensure fair competition. She was recognised for this volunteer work in disability sport, winning Contribution to National Events in December 2012.


Physiotherapy plays an important role in a child’s development if they have any life-affecting physical condition. Developmental exercise and play helps to promote independent life skills, confidence and self-esteem. Recognising current NHS provision as invaluable, Helen still believes there is a growing demand for disabled children and their parents outside the NHS services made available. Helen said: “It is widely accepted that in order to maximise the effectiveness of physiotherapy programmes, they should be carried out regularly throughout the week. But within any busy family household it can be difficult to ‘find the time’ to carry out necessary physiotherapy exercises. Being able to access a service outside working hours makes the support more convenient and easier to manage- so everyone can reap the benefits”.


Families may wish to supplement their current physiotherapy support following surgery as it is well known this places additional demand on practitioners and families during the rehabilitation period. 


If your child has Cerebral Palsy, developmental delay or a congenital condition and would benefit from this new physiotherapy service, call Helen at the Water Lane Clinic on 01625 252475 or follow us on Twitter @waterlanephysio. Helen is more than happy to discuss the types of services available to you and your child, to ensure it works for you.


Physiotherapy for Children

Fit to play, fit for life...

Water Lane Clinic Physio Team