Physiotherapy in Sport

Physiotherapists are seen on television every day on sports pitches, locker rooms and training centres, but the bulk of sports physio is done in the local physiotherapy clinics.

 The most common cycling injury we see is to the shoulder.  With the help of a physio an injury doesn't always mean that you have to stop competing. With exercises, stretches and the magic tape you can sometimes continue training and competing whilst recovering.

Physiotherapists guide you through exercises from immediately after surgery right through to return to sport.
Sometimes tape is used to support or help muscles as they regain strength after surgery.

The most common football injuries are:

  • Strained hamstrings and calf muscles
  • Sprained ankles
  • Knee ligament sprains
  • Injured backs

Runners most commonly bring their painful knees to see us! The most important thing is to establish the cause of the problem.

Once we know there is nothing torn or broken we can start planning how we are going to eliminate the pain.

No sport is immune to causing back pain. Screening of adolescents has become standard in football, cricket, swimming and gymnsatics.

60% of our clinics are for back pain. Our treatment involves exercises, stretches, mobilisation and massage.

With modern footwear, problems are reduced in sportsmen. People do still have problems, caused by impact, sprain, twisting and repetitive strain.

Using physiotherapy combined sometimes with orthotics or tape, we can help get most people back using their feet.