Water Lane Clinic Physiotherapy Team

These are the people that make things happen...

Dom Hallam also works in Disability Sport and went with the Olympic team to Bejing and London for the Paralympics. He has also been the football physio for a local team. At Water Lane he treats everything from spine to sports problems.

Helen Hallam specialises in physiotherapy for children with disability. Helen offers appointments outside school hours, so that parents can join in their childs' care and the child doesn't miss education time. Helen also works out in the community and won the prestigious award for volunteer work in disability sport, winning Contribution to National Events in December 2012.​

Frances West started the business in 1992 in Wilmslow. As the numbers attending grew she moved to the current clinic on Water Lane and the team has now expanded to 11 physiotherapists.​

Frances is an Extended Scope Practitioner which means that she can give cortisone injections for things like Tennis Elbow and arthritic knees.            


Frances also specialises in the treatment of bodies damaged by surgery or radiotherapy for cancer.

She has taught on courses for treatment of breast cancer complications.

Frances is a keen competitive swimmer, golfer and skier​, she understands the need to win and to be fit to compete!

Hayley Grove trained at Salford University. She has recently returned to the UK, after living and working in Dubai for 9 years. In Dubai she enjoyed treating the golfers at Emirates Golf Club. Hayley loves the great outdoors and traveling.

Alison Bray works at Water Lane Clinic, as well as being an experienced physiotherapist, she is a specialist teacher in Core Exercises and has a wealth of experience in all things musculoskeletal.

Professional Reference numbers

The following are Health insurance provider numbers, including CSP and HPC

Frances West
BUPA: 80008677
PPP: ZZ01015
WPA: 30033
CSP: 46115
HPC: PH29431
AACP (ACU) member number: 9

Merian Denning
BUPA: 80008677
PPP: ZZ01015
WPA: 4359301
CSP: 38834
HPC: PH27560
AACP (ACU) member number:  1138

Dom Hallam
BUPA: 80008677
PPP: ZZ01015
Norwich Union: 600048708
CSP: 77645
HPC: PH79581

Alison Bray
BUPA: 80008677
PPP: ZZ01015
CSP: 48384
HPC: PH39734


Sarah Gibbons
BUPA: 80008677
PPP: ZZ01015
CSP: 0479995
HPC: PH39194


Helen Hallam

CSP: 077261
HPC: PH78952

Water Lane Clinic Physio Team